Medical network

We are doctors from different medical areas that we want to work on improving the quality of the air in the country. 

By including us in the debate on clean air, we  we aim to improve public health, building a sustainable economy and improving quality of people's lives. 



Even small improvements IN AIR QUALITY lead to significant health benefits!

Our goals

As specialists in the Medical Network "Air for Health", we are responsible for:


To take into account environmental factors in diagnosing patients.


Explain to our patients the health risks of air pollution.


To promote the importance of a clean environment for a quality lifestyle.


To engage academia to address gaps in curricula.

Public dialogue

To support public dialogue by partnering with national and local authorities to find workable policies to reduce emissions.

Sustainable policies

To promote the establishment and strengthening of sustainable policies by promoting their positive effect on health.

Data collection

To collect data related to air quality health outcomes for the development of regulatory standards that can be used in management decisions.

National strategies

To work to identify gaps in national plans and strategies concerning the link between health and environmental factors.
Air for Health Medical Network

What we require:

National a policy aimed at reducing harmful emissions. Applied by different European countries, they have been shown to improve health. Similar policies in low- and middle-income countries can be even more effective and this is achieved without reducing economic growth. 

Upgrade global air quality and increasing efforts to reduce local pollution.

How does air pollution affect our health and what can we do?

Want to be part of our network?

Write us brief information about you and your motivation with which you want to become part of the medical network. 
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