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Our projects are of regional, national and international importance.

Our projects focus on air quality and how it affects our health. 
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Seminar with workers and trade unions

Air for Health Association developed a training seminar that aims to raise awareness among employees of the unionized enterprises of the National Trade Union Federation "Metal-Electro" of the CPSU, on the health consequences of environmental pollution, climate change and its impact on the economy, the opportunities that the Green Pact gives our country. 

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World Lung Day

Air for Health and our partners at the Global Climate and Health Alliance (GCHA) as well as their partners Health Care Without Harm, the Health and Environment Alliance, the US Climate and Health Alliance and the UK Health Alliance for Climate Change are seeking to organise representatives from the health community, to promote practical and health-oriented decision-making, and create tangible policy changes at the city level that will lead to a clear global trend to reduce urban air pollution by 2030. This will lead to reductions in deaths, disease and, as a side effect, lower greenhouse gas emissions.

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What children breathe in classrooms

International action of doctors, in which 7 Sofia schools participated. NO2, PM2.5 and CO2 levels were measured in the classrooms of these 7 schools for 4 weeks. A representative of Air for Health visited the classroom for 20 minutes, in which he introduced the students to the study and the main problems that pollutants cause. PM2.5 are small pollutants that cause various health problems as they penetrate the lungs into the bloodstream. High levels of CO2 can lead to headaches, drowsiness, poor concentration, loss of attention, etc.

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The AirLief mobile app

AirLief is a social innovation developed with the doctors and air pollution experts from Air for Health. AirLief is a free mobile app for Android and iOS that innovatively combines instant air quality with health information and customizable prevention tips. Created in Bulgaria - used in over 70 countries.

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Unmask my City - Sofia

An international action of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who are dedicated to improving the health of patients and communities. Improving air quality and reducing emissions in our cities will save millions of lives and improve health outcomes for billions of people.

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Denitsa Ivanova

Project Manager
"All my efforts are focused on improving the quality of life and making our country a healthier place to live."

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