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Dr. Mikhail Mikhailov, MD.

He graduated in medicine with full honors and the "Golden Hippocrates" award at the Medical Faculty of St. Kl. He was awarded the honorary sign of the Bulgarian Medical Union.

Since 2016 she is a specialist in Dermatology and Venereology at the Medical University - Sofia. Master of Public Health and Health Management at the Medical University - Sofia. In May 2019 she received the scientific and educational degree "Doctor of Medicine" on the topic "Influence of aesthetic procedures on the skin". Dr. Mihaylov regularly participates in national forums on dermatology and venereology and has over 40 specializations in the country and abroad. His professional experience started in the Department of Skin and Venereology, R. Angelova", a medical specialist, has been working at Skin Line Laser & anti- aging clinic, Sofia, since 2017 and is an assistant professor of Pathophysiology at the Faculty of Medicine, Sofia University. She is also a professor of Pharmacology at St. She is a professor at the Faculty of Pharmacology and Pathology at the Faculty of Pharmacology, Sofia University.

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