Air pollution has a strong influence on human health and consequently increases costs for the healthcare in the country. Bad air quality impacts all people, with especially detrimental effects being suffered by sensitive and vulnerable groups, like pregnant women, children, elderly more specifically those suffering from respiratory and other chronic conditions. Air pollution facilitates flu infection and exacerbates preexisting inflammation, especially patients with a low socioeconomic status

  The main aim of our association is:

  • Improving public health and decreasing healthcare expenditure by enacting measures leading to improved air quality.

→  How we will achieve our aim:

  • Effective changes to the local tax regulations, in scope are taxes levied on transportation;
  • Enacting new regulation (new standards) for traffic in urbanised spaces;
  • Reducing use of coal and other solid fuels for residential heating;
  • Improving the model of government support for winter heating;
  • Abiding by EU regulation and trends – focusing on energy efficiency  and renewable (green) energy sources.
  • Improving urban planning

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