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Dr. Alexander Simidchiev

Dr. Alexander Simidchiev is a specialist in pulmonary diseases, internal medicine and health management. He graduated in medicine in Sofia in 1988 with a gold medal.

He specialized in pulmonary diseases in Germany and France. His career started at the Specialized Hospital for the Treatment of Pulmonary Diseases "St. Panteleimon" in the town. He started his career in Pernik. Subsequently, he was an assistant professor at the St. Sofia". Currently he works at the Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical Institute of the Ministry of Interior in Sofia and is the head of the Functional Diagnostics Department.

He has taken an active stance on environmental issues as Chair of the Air for Health Association and as a member of the informal Multi-Expert Group on Climate Change. He is also the Medical Director of the Centre for e-learning and distance learning at Plovdiv Medical University.

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Sofia, Bulgaria.