А new study new adds to growing evidence that early exposure to pollution can increase both suicide risks in younger people and Alzheimer’s disease as people age.

Alzheimer’s disease hallmarks start in childhood in polluted environments, and we must implement effective preventative measures early. It is useless to take reactive actions decades later.


The Dayton Accords reached 22 years ago heralded an era of peace for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Yet the country is now estimated to be the second deadliest in the world for another killer, responsible for more lives lost worldwide than any war – air pollution.

Electricity produced from coal can appear cheap in the short-term. It has been seen by many to be a development opportunity. The electricity is even exported to neighbouring countries.

Yet what price does cheap and dirty energy place on people’s health, the environment and development?

Have a look at the article published by WHO and remember, that B&H is the only country in Europe, ahead of Bulgaria with regards to air-pollution related deaths.

Exposure to household air pollution from using wood or coal for cooking and heating is associated with higher risk of death from heart attack and stroke, according to a study from Oxford University and researchers in China.

Long-term exposure to high levels of road traffic and ozone significantly increases the risk of asthma symptoms, asthma attacks or the need for use of asthma medications, according to a new study published in the European Respiratory Journal
The study strengthens the evidence from previous studies on the link between long-term exposure to outdoor pollution and asthma in adults.
It also offers new insights in to what the underlying mechanisms are, by examining the concentration of 8-isoprostane (8-iso), which is exhaled in the breath and believed to be a biological marker of tissue damage in the lungs.

An interesting publication in the Bulgarian version of the  Economist

Dear friends and supporters, if you plan to go to our southern neighbor during the holidays, keep in mind that they - the Greeks are more concerned about the cleanness of the air in their capital, which is why they introduced reasonable restraints for polluting cars (Diesel cars EURO 4 or earlier). If you or your friends will be traveling there, share this post so there are no unpleasant surprises.

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